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Date   Thu, 29 Sep 2005 17:36:08 +0100


(1) splits a string variable into other string variables 

and (optionally)

(2) applies -destring- on the fly. 

But -destring- will only do anything useful to your string variables if they 
are numeric in content, manifestly not the case with Terra's data. So 
-ignore- will not do the job here, and, as Nick Winter pointed out, 
you need to strip unwanted characters before you apply -split-. 

Mark Smith 

Terra Curtis <> wrote 

Thanks, split seems to do the job.  However now I have some special cases to
deal with.  Say I have a company name like: 
Medical Research, Inc.  

I want to split this into 
So that the "," and the "." are dropped.  I've tried combining -split- with
the -ignore- option, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything as the comma
and period remain in the split variables.  Anyone know how to take care of

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