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RE: st: RE: Generating skewed distributions on closed intervals

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Generating skewed distributions on closed intervals
Date   Thu, 29 Sep 2005 10:09:03 +0100

Well, I guess wildly the literature you are unaware of 
holds better solutions, but that's an empty comment
as I don't know what it is. The idea that an age 
distribution is a bunch of little truncated 
Gaussians sitting next to each other on a line sounds
at best strange to me, but as I said I don't
understand what your problem is. 


Reza C Daniels
> There is a literature on this problem that I am aware of. I'm just 
> having trouble with the code in Stata to generate my required results.
> Nick Cox wrote:
> > This really depends to a large degree on the associated
> > scientific and practical problem, which is not clear
> > to me. But in principle I strongly support the view 
> > implied by Maarten Buis: only bounded distributions are 
> > appropriate for finite intervals. What's more their 
> > behaviour at their extremes should surely be compatible, 
> > without jumps and ideally without kinks too, i.e. [10,20] 
> > should join [20,30]. 
> > 
> > Whatever your problem is, it is difficult to believe
> > that there is not a literature on it, e.g. in demography, 
> > actuarial science, population ecology. 

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