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Re: st: Re: Cannot get date fields to import from PostgreSQL via ODBC

From   Joseph Coveney <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: Cannot get date fields to import from PostgreSQL via ODBC
Date   Tue, 27 Sep 2005 23:23:10 +0900

Dave Ewart wrote:

Ah, interesting: that certainly appears to work, in the sense that it
reads in the dates as strings.

However, this doesn't actually give you 'proper' date variables, does
it?  I realise one can string-splice to pull out the components of the
date, but that's rather tedious.
Can you suggest a way to 'transparently' import these dates as 'proper'
date variables?  Or at least a way to easily re-type the imported
strings as dates?


Starting with a date variable imported as a string, e.g.,

set obs 1
generate str c = "2004-01-01 19:27:03" ,

then you can re-type it in two lines of code:

generate int c_date = date(substr(c, 1, 10), "ymd")
format c_date %dCY-N-D

If you have a lot of such variables, then use -foreach var of varlist-.  An
ado-file could be easily written around this that would automate this for a
variable list and it could either replace the original string variable with
a date-formated integer variable, or generate new variables with a default
stub or suffix or an optional one.

Check the summary of available commands posted by Nick Cox at the end of
January 2003 More
might have become available since then; check around.  There are
user-written programs for dates, times and the like, and one might be
available to do this.

Joseph Coveney

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