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st: re: reporting odds for N categories

From   Dan Exeter <>
Subject   st: re: reporting odds for N categories
Date   Tue, 27 Sep 2005 13:02:20 +0100

Thank you to May and Nick for providing code to model and graph odds using the logit model, and to Svend for the tip on changing the reference category.

The example that May used showed us how to graph the odds for 1 age group.

To extend the example, we could randomly assign a sex category to the cases. next, if we repeated the logit modelling with sex as an additional explanatory variable, and use the same approach to graph the data, there will be 2 points for each alcohol category (1 each for each sex, for age==3).

However, it's more likely that we are interested in making comparisons between each age group and each sex (or indeeed each age group/sex combination).

Is there a way which we can efficiently graph the results for each age group/sex combination, without using the KEEP command?

Are there better ways to graph the results if there is more than 2 (categorical) explanatory variables?

Thanks in advance


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