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st: adjusting marker size for sts graph

From   "tony fong" <>
Subject   st: adjusting marker size for sts graph
Date   Sat, 24 Sep 2005 22:38:15 -0700

Hi all,
I apologize if there is a simple answer to my question, but I'm having trouble changing the markersizestyle in -sts graph-. For instance, when I type something like:

sts graph, by(apiquart) connect(direct) msize(ehuge) msymbol(circle) clpattern(dash longdash dash_dot solid) title("Kaplan-Meier Survival Estimates, by API Quartile")

I am able to adjust the line style and how the markers are connected, but I can't seem to increase the size or shape of the marker so that the survivor rates would be easier to read at each spell length. Can anyone help me out?


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