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Re: st: Re: Thanks - Problems with internet access [was: ... Collapsesyntax error]

From   Ramani Gunatilaka <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: Thanks - Problems with internet access [was: ... Collapsesyntax error]
Date   Thu, 22 Sep 2005 20:13:27 +0000

Thanks so much. I followed the instructions at that URL and managed to update to Version 8.2, Jan 2005.
When I was messing around with it, though, I did something and now I can't go through Start, All Programmes, Stata, to get Stata running because that folder is empty. I now have to go to My Computer, C:\Stata, and click the executable. I'd be grateful if either you or anybody else could tell me how to fix it so I can start Stata from Start. But at least, through My Computer, I can access Stata, so it is not life or death. Thanks once again.

Nick and Louis,
Updating the version certainly solved the problem of collapse. It also solved the problem of direct access to the internet. So turning my httpproxy thing off because I now have direct broadband access worked with the latest update. Thank you, too.

Now it only remains for me to fix how to be able to write to Statalist from Yahoo.

Thanks so much for your help, and to Marcello and Michael too for suggesting alternatives. I really appreciate it.


Friedrich Huebler <> wrote:
> Ramani,
> The document at the URL below may help. Quote: "Sometimes the new
> file extension is added to the name of the file in front of the old
> extension, and the old extension stays the same (e.g.,
> myfile.doc.txt)."
> Friedrich Huebler
> --- Ramani Gunatilaka <> wrote:
> > Thanks, Nick.
> > I am dealing with the problems one by one.
> > The first to update Stata from
> >
> > I had been looking at 
> > and couldn't
> > navigate from that page to the one you gave me.
> > Anyway, did as instructed, that is saved the bin file in my
> > C:\Stata folder, renamed WSTATA.EXE, WSTATA.OLD and renamed
> > Now the problem is that though I renamed the BIn file as Exe,
> > though the name changed it remained an EXE file. And when I tried
> > to click on it to make Stata run, I was given this dire warning and
> > backed off in fear.
> > "Files are used by the Operating system or various programmes.
> > Editing or modifying them could damage your system"
> > Then it gave me a choice to select a programme from the web with
> > which to open the file. 
> > But what I noticed was, when the file is renamed, it is called a
> > wstata.exe.bin. That is renaming does not get rid of the bin.
> > Can you please advise me what I should do?
> > Thanks,
> > Ramani
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