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st: collapse syntax error

From   Ramani Gunatilaka <>
Subject   st: collapse syntax error
Date   Thu, 22 Sep 2005 09:13:43 +0000

Hi Statalist members,
I am trying to calculate household size using collapse. The dataset has two variables, a unique household ID <uhhid> and the serial numbers of the household members <hhmem>.
This is the code I used and the error I get. 

. /*create variable household size*/
. use rindvar02, clear

. keep uhhid hhmem

. sort uhhid hhmem 

. gen num=1

. collapse (sum) hhsize=num, by(uhhid)
invalid syntax

I am using
Stata/SE 8.0 for Windows
Born 30 Jan 2003
Copyright (C) 1985-2003

Can someone please help?
Thanks in advance,
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