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st: mysureg with constraints

From   Federica Maiorano <>
Subject   st: mysureg with constraints
Date   Tue, 20 Sep 2005 08:30:31 -0700 (PDT)

Dear all,

I am estimating a translog cost function + 1 input
share cost equation using mysureg.

When I attempt to estimate a constrained model, then I
get an error message from mysureg. As an example, I
copy below what happens with one constraint only. 

Please note that there do not seem to be any problems
when the same commands are performed using sureg. 

I am obviously doing something wrong, but I cannot
work out what it is. Any suggestions?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.
Federica Maiorano

constraint define 1 [sl]_cons = [lnvc]lnpl

mysureg (lnvc lnk lnpl lnpm lnaccess lncalls time k2
pl2 pm2 acc2 call2 t2 kpl kpm kacc kcalls kt plpm
placc plcalls plt pmacc pmcalls pmt acccalls acct
callt) (sl lnpl lnpm lnaccess lncalls lnk time),
constraint(1) cluster(idcomp)

Fitting constant-only model:
Constraints invalid:
[lnpl] not found


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