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st: New command in SSC: -checkfor2-

Subject   st: New command in SSC: -checkfor2-
Date   Mon, 19 Sep 2005 13:56:45 -0400

Dear stata members,

Thanks to Prof. Baum, a new Stata command is available from the SSC

-checkfor2- A Stata module to check whether a variable exists or not in a


checkfor2 is a routine to check for existence of a list of variables within a
(usually big) data set.
checkfor2 searchs through the data whether the variable exists. If it does not,
a message is issued.
If it does, the program looks for missings structure. Finally, if requested, the
program stores the
available variables in a macro for future use. A tolerance level for missings
could also be set.

Two importants problems were detected by Nick that have been fixed.

To install the package, type:

   .ssc install checkfor2, replace

Best regards


Amadou B. Diallo.
Poverty and Health Specialist.
PREM, The World Bank.
Washington, DC.

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From: "R.E. De Hoyos" <>
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Date: 09/09/2005 10:03AM
Subject: st: New commands in SSC: -svyselmlog- and -svybsamp2-

Thanks to Prof. Baum, two new Stata commands are available from the SSC

-svyselmlog- Selectivity adjustment based on the multinomial logit for
survey data.

-svyselmlog- estimates the parameters of the main equation correcting for
selectivity using the conditional probabilities from a multinomial
logit. -svyselmlog- allows for three parametric  selectivity-correction
methods like the ones developed in Lee (1984), Durbin and McFadden (1984)
and Bourguignon, Fournier and Gurgand (2004). Additionally, selectivity can
be adjusted following Dahl's (2002) semi-parametric method.

-svybsamp2- Re-sampling for complex survey data

-svybsamp2- creates a new data set with _N randomly drawn observations (with
replacement). As with -svysamp-, the procedure respects survey design,
re-sampling within different combinations of strata and PSU. Therefore using
the inflation factors (pweights), the new sample can be used to get to the
original "super-population".

To install the packages, type:

   .ssc install svyselmlog
   .ssc install svybsamp2

R.E. De Hoyos
Faculty of Economics
University of Cambridge
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