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st: save residuals from <istdize>?

From   Dan Exeter <>
Subject   st: save residuals from <istdize>?
Date   Mon, 19 Sep 2005 15:21:53 +0100

Dear listers,

I am trying to use the istdize command to calculate SMRs.

Using the example data set, I can obtain the results printed to screen (as seen below), but how save these values/variables as a stata file for future reference? Is there a way that I can save the 'cases expected', SMR and Exact Confidence Interval data as variables in my existing dataset?

output to screen that i would like saved:

Summary of Study Populations (SMR):

Cases Cases Exact
state Observed Expected SMR Confidence Interval
California 166285 178078.73 0.934 [0.929290, 0.938271]
Maine 11051 10515.67 1.051 [1.031405, 1.070687]

Thanks in advance


Dan Exeter. BA, MA(Hons), PhD.
Research Fellow
School of Geography and Geosciences
University of St Andrews
Irvine Building, North St
St Andrews
KY16 9AL
Phone: 01334 463951
Fax: 01334 463949
email: <>

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