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st: RE: Updating Outreg

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Updating Outreg
Date   Tue, 13 Sep 2005 21:29:44 +0100

You've already done the most dangerous and daring 
thing, tell Statalist that you have gone inside the 
code of -outreg- and made some tweaks. Now you are 
the most obvious authority in the Stata community 
on -outreg-, and it seems to me that the main decision 
is yours, not anybody else's. 

There are precedents for Stata programs written by 
user X being taken over by user Y, the most benign 
form being where X feels strongly too busy, too out 
of touch with current Stata or too lacking in inclination 
to hack at the program and is thus delighted when Y 
appears all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and willing to 
take it on. A less benign form is when someone suggests 
some fixes to evident bugs or weaknesses, but the 
original authors are still in evidence and fail to 
correct or update their software, and it is not 
clear who is in charge, if anyone. 

It seems to me that putting your name publicly on 
a program implies some responsibility to 
	explain its use 
	fix its bugs or misfeatures
	keep it reasonably up-to-date 

Porting up to a later version of Stata also raises
a question of whether you leave earlier versions 
unchanged and/or unsupported. That is 
the lesser deal, as many authors simply declare
previous versions part of history.  

In this case, John Gallup developed this program while 
a researcher at Harvard and it is my understanding that he then 
became an independent consultant. He hasn't been 
in evidence in the Stata community for some years. 
If he were to re-appear, and want his program 
back, the two of you would have to sort it out. 

It's up to Kit Baum to say what is acceptable on SSC. 
StataCorp do host some user programs on their website, 
but as -outreg- is already on SSC, that wouldn't 
seem to have any advantages. 

On a different note, and as a user of neither, I have
to ask what advantages -outreg- has over -estout-? 


roy wada
> Since -outreg- appears to be orphaned, I went ahead and 
> updated -outreg-
> from version 6.0 to version 8.0 (some issues with brackets and a few
> outdated commands). Running in 8.0 probably eliminates a 
> considerable number
> of bugs related to the internal housekeeping (has to do with 
> the maximum
> name lengths). I have not tested all the options, but it 
> seems to work just
> fine (tested: reg, probit, xtabond2, heckman, sureg; with options like
> margin, addstat, replace).  I will probably make some changes 
> to the default
> option, but that can wait.
> After I finish testing the whole thing, I was thinking of 
> asking the ssc,
> the Stata corp, or someone to consider hosting the unpdated 
> version, with a
> due credit to the original author. How does this sound to 
> everyone, and more
> importantly, would anyone have a problem with this sort of thing?

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