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st: Updating Outreg

From   "roy wada" <>
Subject   st: Updating Outreg
Date   Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:32:17 -0400

Since -outreg- appears to be orphaned, I went ahead and updated -outreg-
from version 6.0 to version 8.0 (some issues with brackets and a few
outdated commands). Running in 8.0 probably eliminates a considerable number
of bugs related to the internal housekeeping (has to do with the maximum
name lengths). I have not tested all the options, but it seems to work just
fine (tested: reg, probit, xtabond2, heckman, sureg; with options like
margin, addstat, replace).  I will probably make some changes to the default
option, but that can wait.

After I finish testing the whole thing, I was thinking of asking the ssc,
the Stata corp, or someone to consider hosting the unpdated version, with a
due credit to the original author. How does this sound to everyone, and more
importantly, would anyone have a problem with this sort of thing?

Roy Wada

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