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st: new metan command question

From   ehowe <>
Subject   st: new metan command question
Date   Thu, 8 Sep 2005 12:10:03 -0400

Hi everyone,

We are working on a large meta-analysis and a few weeks ago we discovered a 
new metan command that allowed us to do analyses in groups and present data 
for all groups on the same forest plot.  The link we used to install this 
command was as follows:

net install

Currently, this link is not working.  I have searched the STATA website for 
the updated metan command and also used the update all function to make sure 
STATA is updated, but this new STATA command still does not appear to be 
present.  Does anyone know where we could download this command?

Thanks in advance!
Erin Howe
research assistant, Harvard School of Public Health

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