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Re: st: Poverty variation over time

Subject   Re: st: Poverty variation over time
Date   Wed, 7 Sep 2005 11:54:04 -0400

Use the tools written by Michael Loshkin at the World Bank.
gidecomposition will compute both growth and inequality
effects and will give you residuals.
sedecomposition will do the same for sectoral decomposition.
gicurve and povrobust will help visualise the effects.
Best regards.

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Dear all,
I have two household surveys (1995 and 2001) and I want to decompose
poverty change over time. Following Kakwani, the percentage change in
poverty can be written as :
Total poverty change = Growth effect + Inequality effect
I would like to compute the two effects using results from these
surveys (data indicate an increase in mean income of 17 %).
I know how to compute the "growth effect" (cf question from Brian
Sartene and response from De Hoyos).
The diffculty that I am facing is how to compute the "inequality
effect". I would be grateful for any useful and practical insight.
Thanks a lot.

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