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RE: st: Calculating the e^b using listcoef

Subject   RE: st: Calculating the e^b using listcoef
Date   Wed, 7 Sep 2005 11:05:13 -0400

To view the code, it is better to use notepad or alike.
To see how listcoef behaves in stata, it is better to set trace on
and see how listcoef is interpreting commands and
implements results.
Best regards.

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This is a recommendation to use -adotype-.

-adotype- is an old program, written by myself
and now on SSC, which finds (the first instance
of) an .ado file along
your adopath and then types it out (within your
Results window). Among other things, a listing
will thus be added to any log file open.

It may well seem most ungracious, and whoever
finds -adotype- useful is more than welcome
to it, but I want to say that this is usually
not the best solution.

To scrutinise the code of an .ado file,
I recommend rather loading it up in an editor
and/or the Stata viewer, as previously suggested.


> which listcoef
> ssc inst adotype, replace
> adotype listcoef
> If you want to see listcoef in
> action:
> se tr on
> logit ....
> listcoef

Mosi A. Ifatunji

> How do I look at the code for listcoef?

*   For searches and help try:

*   For searches and help try:

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