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st: New Mata function on SSC: -ipolate()-

From   "Jann Ben" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: New Mata function on SSC: -ipolate()-
Date   Tue, 6 Sep 2005 21:25:38 +0200

Thanks to Kit Baum, a new Mata function called 
-ipolate()- is available from SSC.

-ipolate()- does linear interpolation. Results are
equivalent to those optained by Stata's -ipolate- 
command (without the -epolate- option).

To install the function, type

 . ssc install mf_ipolate

Then, to view the help file, type

 . help mata ipolate()


 . help mf_ipolate

There has been a discussion today on statalist about 
-ipolate- averaging multiple data values. The new 
Mata function -ipolate()- also applies averaging. 

I stumbled over the averaging issue while bug testing.
I my original application there are, in fact, only  
single data values for the grid points. 


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