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Re: st: macro string extraction

From   "Jamie Griffin" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: macro string extraction
Date   Sun, 04 Sep 2005 14:03:19 +0100

You need the function _substr()_

local first=substr("hey",1,1)
local second=substr("hey",2,1)
di "`first'"
di "`second'"

See help functions  ->  string functions

Jamie Griffin

>>> 09/04/05 8:06 am >>>
Hi all,

Does anybody knows how to extract a substring of an arbitrary string 
in order to place it into a macro?

More specifically, suppose i have a string "hey". I want the local
macro `first' to contain the string "h".

Can anybody recommend a way to do it?

In principle the macro extended function "piece" should do the trick,
however this function doesn't allow 1 1 (ones) as arguments (there is
a previous posting on this by StataCorp.)

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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