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Re: st: Calculating the e^b using listcoef

From   "Mosi A. Ifatunji" <>
To   "Statalist@HARVARD.EDU" <>
Subject   Re: st: Calculating the e^b using listcoef
Date   Thu, 01 Sep 2005 23:38:25 -0500

Richard and all,

Thanks for the feedback. My question is not so much, "How do I get Stata to
produce an e^b?" but more like "What formula does Stata use to produce the
e^b?" Here is the scenario that produced the question:

In checking the e^b with by hand calculations (FYI: my hand calculation are
based on a text book and while some e^bs were very close to being the same,
some were not), I found that the results were different when I calculated by
hand and with Stata. So the question is, what formula does Stata use?

Thanks :)


On 9/1/05 4:35 PM, "Richard Williams" <> wrote:

> At 03:35 PM 9/1/2005, Mosi A. Ifatunji wrote:
>> All,
>> I am wondering how the exp(b) or e^b is calculated when using the listcoef
>> command, after the logit command. I am asking because my "by hand"
>> calculations are not matching the ones provided by Stata 8.
> Works for me.  -logit-, with the -or- option, produces odds ratios
> that are identical to the e^b produced by listcoef.  Perhaps you
> could give an example of what you mean?  -listcoef- can also give you
> lots of other stuff, e.g. it will standardize the x's and give you
> e^bStdX - is that what you are looking at perhaps?
> If in doubt about what the columns of -listcoef- are telling you, add
> the -help- option, e.g.
> listcoef, help
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