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Re: st: how do i increment a counter

From   Christian Holz <>
Subject   Re: st: how do i increment a counter
Date   Wed, 31 Aug 2005 21:03:09 +0100


you should also check the syntax of the if command (-help ifcmd-). The command that you want to be executed if the if statement is true should be either follow on the same line as the "if" or should be enclosed by { }.

That still does not, however, solve the problem, that your code looks quite confused.
In addition to Neil's interpretations of what you might want to achieve, it might also be to get a sum of the age of all observations in your dataset that are over 50 (assuming your age variable is "age"). In that case you could do

local total_sum=0
local totobs = _N

foreach obs of numlist 1/`totobs' {
if age[`obs']>50 {
local total_sum = `total_sum' + age[`obs']
di `total_sum'
generate total_sum=`total_sum'


Christian Holz
Department of Sociology
University of Glasgow
Scotland, U.K.

aine dooley wrote:

I am finding in Stata that there does not seem to be an easy way to increment a counter despite countless trys and readings of the manal.

I want to do something llike the following, this is just an example:

generate byte total_sum =0

for each variable of varlist {
if age > 50
total_sum = total_sum + age

Stata doesn't seem to allow the if... then construct unless it is in a program. Although I have written a simple program (crazy that I have to do this) passing arguments, I still can't get it to work.

I must be missing something.


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