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Re: st: RE: bug in color(black) for twoway bar ?

From (Vince Wiggins, StataCorp)
Subject   Re: st: RE: bug in color(black) for twoway bar ?
Date   Wed, 31 Aug 2005 13:20:55 -0500

David Airey <> notes that the advice about getting
fully black bars from -graph twoway bar- that he received David Harrison
<> and from Stata Technical Services were both
helpful, but a bit fiddly to make work.

> My apologies for assuming what I could not figure out in over an
> hour must be something wrong with Stata rather than me (!). Your
> advice was easier to implement that that of the Stata's tech help,
> which was rapidly in by inbox and also works, but there was a
> complication.
> In your command,
> graph twoway bar y x, barwidth(0.5) bstyle(none) color(black) ylabel(0 
> (25)100)
> does not give filled black for me. I must instead say
> graph twoway bar y x, barwidth(0.5) bstyle(none) bfcolor(black) ylabel 
> (0(25)100)
> neither color(black) nor blcolor(black) are paid attention to.

I think the apologies are most definitely ours.

There is an easy way to turn up the intensity of the fill from the default 80%
to 100%; simply add the -fintensity()- option.  That should have been easy,
but it turns out we did NOT document the -fintensity()- option.  In fact, it
is such a closely guarded secret that Stata's own Technical Services did not
know about it.

David's command would become,

   . graph twoway bar y x, barwidth(0.5) fintensity(100) color(black) 

We will update the help files to reflect this formerly secret option.

-- Vince

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