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st: handling times and dates

From   Larry deKoning <>
Subject   st: handling times and dates
Date   Tue, 30 Aug 2005 16:45:58 -0400

Hello Statalist

I am trying to format dates and times so I can graph chunks of a large dataset using twoway line. I have the following variables to consider: date, time, V_max.

I want to graph V_max on the Y axis, with Time on the X axis, ideally grouped under Date.

The variable Time in my db is formatted as: "4:07:00 PM", with observations taken every minute. Stata incorrectly recognizes this as a date format. There seems to be no built in format to handle this type of data correctly.

The format for Date is "10/11/2004" - which is formatted correctly on input.

Is there any way Stata can 
(1) handle the time variable in a way that I can graph AND process
(2) include date on the X axis (as well as time) automatically


Lawrence de Koning, MSc.

Population Health Research Institute
Health Research Methodology Graduate Programme
McMaster University
work: 905-527-4322 x44569

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