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st: RE: [Stata 9] Convincing Stata to let me quit the program without confirmation

From   "David Harrison" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: [Stata 9] Convincing Stata to let me quit the program without confirmation
Date   Tue, 30 Aug 2005 08:39:47 +0100

(Sadly still working in Stata 8, but guessing this will work in 9...)

The function keys are mappable using the global macros F1, F2 etc. So you can map one of them to "exit, clear;" - enabling you to exit Stata at a single button press. For example, to map this to function key F4:

global F4 exit, clear;

Of course, this is somewhat risky, as accidentally pressing this button at any time will exit Stata without saving your work - your choice.

To make this behaviour the default when you start Stata, you will need to put this line in your file (see help profile).


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[]On Behalf Of Seb Buechte
Sent: 27 August 2005 08:45
Subject: st: [Stata 9] Convincing Stata to let me quit the program
without confirmation

Hello everybody!

I raised this issue once before and still, I would really appreciate
the possibility to "convince" Stata to let me quit the program without
confirmation that "I really want to do this, eventhough my data has

I am using Stata with an external editor to write (I dare to say "to
program") my dofiles. I have managed to run the dofile from inside
this editor by calling the Stata environment. Each time I invoke Stata
to run my dofile, Stata will create a new instance. That is fine for
me, but what bothers me is that I cannot turn off that
confirmation-message-box which will appear each time I want to close
that Stata instance that holds changed data. I wonder wether there is
a hidden feature which could be activated to keep Stata of requiring
that confirmation. If no such thing should exist, why not adding it?
The default could still be the "paranoid"-mode to prevent users of
loosing their created data. But for all those who feel like they know
what they are doing it would be great to be able to turn such mode off
- at least it would be for me...

Another idea that just came across my mind is that it would be also
very nice to have a command line option for the wsestata-binary that
would check wether Stata is already running and if so to have  the
dofile executed within the last Stata instance started. I know this
goes out to Statacorp's programmers. Still, why not asking for it?

Thank you for considering this :)


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