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Re: st: obtaining specific percentiles of simulated distribution

From   Ed Blackburne III <>
Subject   Re: st: obtaining specific percentiles of simulated distribution
Date   Sun, 28 Aug 2005 22:57:04 -0500 (CDT)

Try _pctile

For syntax options, type help _pctile, but for your purposes I think that,
given a variable x, that

_pctile x, nq(1000)

will suffice.

The nq() option specifies the number of percentiles (up to a maximum of

After running _pctile, there you can type

ret li

to see list of returned percentiles. These may, of course, be referenced
in the normal way:

di r(25)
for example will display the 2.5 percentile for the command listed above.



> I have simulated (1000x) the t statistic from N(0,1) distribution of
> varying n.
> I wish to access values of t at percentiles 2.5 & 97.5 to assess how
> coverage varies with n.
> Whilst this the t distribution is symmetrical I plan to look at other
> statistics where this may not be so & as such don't want to rely on the
> 5th or 95th percentile.
> I have tried return(p) after summarize, however it only gives a limited
> number of choices.
> Any help would be appreciated
> thanks Richard Hiscock
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