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st: Create Dataset from Nowhere in Stata

Subject   st: Create Dataset from Nowhere in Stata
Date   Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:29:16 -0500

Does anyone know how to make up a "psudo "dataset in stata? By psudo data, I
mean the data is not collected by survey. For example, I want to use data to
test my theory. however, I do not have a dataset. I therefore assume some
characteristics of certain population and "make up " a dataset according to ,y
assumption. In spss, I can create a 10 variable 100 cases by the syntax below.
However, how can I do the corresponding thing in Stata?

* the following syntax create a file with 10 var and 100 cases.
input program.
vector v(10).
loop cases=1 to 100.
loop #i=1 to 10.
compute v(#i)=uniform(1).
end loop.
end case.
end loop.
end file.
end input program.

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