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st: : invalid result in command kernreg

From   <>
Subject   st: : invalid result in command kernreg
Date   Thu, 25 Aug 2005 19:23:20 +0200 (CEST)

Ia am trying to estimate female labour supply with kernel regression 
commands , after heckman twostep command applied, because I want to 
compare results,

I have two equations
kern2 dmujoferta(Y=1 if female is working,Y=0 if not) educont(X1 
years of education) expecont(X2number of years working) nhjtotal
(X3number of sons/daughters)  secpublico(X4=1 if working for 
Governemnt or local authorities, =0 if not),generate(parthat) 
at(8.1 15 3 1) w1(.5) w2(2.6) W3(.2)  W4(.0), gau

I calculated the bandwiths corresponding to the values Wi(), using 
the Silverman rule of thumb with the silver command.However,i could 
not estimate some kind of at() values , and I put my owns, which are 
wrong . 

The error I get is 
invalid at 

The syntax is 
kern2 varlist(min=2 max=5) [if] [in], Generate(string) AT(string) 
[W1(real 0.0) W2(real 0.0) W3(real 0.0) W4(real 0.0) BIweight GAUss 
RECtangle  UNIform  TRIangle]

AT(string)  For kern2 the string contains up to 4 numbres specifying 
the single covariate values of interest , and should be separated by 

Thanks in advanced,
Margarita Pastor
Univ of VAlencia

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