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Re: st: RE: Problems with Stata 9?

From   James Muller <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Problems with Stata 9?
Date   Thu, 25 Aug 2005 19:44:17 +1000

It's a pretty vague question. Stata is just different to other data analysis packages - whether different parts of Stata resemble features or bugs depends on what you're doing. That's just a fact of any tool. Depends on the user's programming acumen too, in terms of ability to make workarounds.

I guess if Joe really wants an answer to this he should read through the archives of the Statalist to see where people have difficulty. Make a top 10 list or something.

I'm sure Joe is of fine character, etc., etc., but the question is at least phrased in a suspicious way. It reads a bit like, "Hello people of the list, what's the dirt on Stata, and can you please tell me privately?" Indeed, what is spooky black-hatted Joe going to do with this evidence, hmmm?

Anyway, enough of being stupid.


Svend Juul wrote:

Joe Hilbe wrote:

I am interested in learning of any problem areas, difficulties, or shortcomings that you may have experienced with Stata 9.0 -- or with
Stata in general. Areas that you simply feel may need improvement -- or that are
completely missing -- will also be of interest. Your feedback will be most
appreciated. You may send responses to me privately at ----------------------------------------------

A few questions pop up:

What is the overall purpose? It could be constructive (suggestions for
improvement) or destructive (exposing weaknesses, use in a competitor's
marketing activities).

How is it going to be used?

By whom is it going to be used?

This might sound paranoid, but I have no reason not to trust Joe Hilbe.
However, I think we need some more information before we can engage in
this. I would like to see other Statalist members' thoughts about it.

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