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st: saving varlist as matrix rownames

From   "Schonlau, Matthias" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: saving varlist as matrix rownames
Date   Wed, 17 Aug 2005 16:56:23 -0400

Daer statalisters: 

I am trying to build a matrix that has k-1 rows where k is the number of words in varlist.
I am constructing the matrix by adding one row after another and it works.
(In the code below I am just filling in -1's, they are replaced later)
I then try save the variable names of the x-variables (all variables after the first one). Specifically I'd use the variable names as rownames for the  matrix. 
I can strip off the first word in varlist  with 
. Unfortunately when trying to assign this to a local macro the length of the string 
is cut to 80 characters.

Here is the relevant code:

 local k : word count `varlist' 
 tempname A
 matrix `A'=(-1)
 matrix input `influence_mat'=(-1)
  while (rowsof(`influence_mat')< `k'-1) {
 	 matrix `influence_mat' = `influence_mat' \ `A'

tokenize `varlist'
local  varlist1 = regexr("`varlist'","`1'","")  /* works, but cuts down to 80? characters */
matrix rownames `influence_mat' = `varlist1'   /* does not work, conformability error */
							    /* because varlist1 has too few entries */

Any suggestions ? I also would be fine with using hte names as a second column in the matrix
but it doesn't seem like stata likes string entries in columns.



Matthias Schonlau
Statistician, RAND 
412-683-2300 x4917


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