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Re: st: Stata v.8 hangs during update

From   Christian Holz <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata v.8 hangs during update
Date   Mon, 15 Aug 2005 23:39:21 +0100

I think, Mike wants to -update- his Stata 8.0 to Stata 8.2
I did experience the same as Mike does some time earlier this year. I was, however, able to update Stata anyway by using the "manual" approach.
That is pretty easy to do and explains all the steps to be taken.
Christian Holz
Department of Sociology
University of Glasgow
Scotland, U.K.

Nick Cox wrote:

There will be no more updates of
Stata 8, as it is now part of history.
The only possibility for going further
is obtain Stata 9.
Richard Williams

A common problem due to a bug in the initial release. Your order is wrong. Try

update executable
update all

You should be ok for future updates. (Well actually, there probably won't be any more updates, so you should be ok, period.)

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