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Re: st: RE: icd10, dsmiv

Subject   Re: st: RE: icd10, dsmiv
Date   Thu, 11 Aug 2005 16:36:21 -0500

Scott Merryman <> says:

> Not knowing what ICD10 codes are and letting ignorance be an impediment, I
> download the 4 character codes from, saved the
> data set as icd10.dta and altered -icd9- (saving it as -icd10- ) so it would
> accept the new data set.  The functions -icd10 search- , -icd10 lookup-, and
> -icd10 gen- seem to work (see examples below).
> <cut>

There are several reasons why StataCorp has not implemented
ICD-10.  Two of the leading ones are:

    1. Copyright issues.  If curious, see

       some of the phrases under the "commercial use" category

           "... need to have a Licence Agreement with WHO.
            ... in exchange for a licence fee."

           "... time limited licence ..."

           "No amendment of the codes or text of the
           classification in any way"

     2. Some code descriptions are very long -- close to 200
        characters in length.  See codes Y83, Y88.3, and 099.1 as

        Notice that in this regard the copyright forbids any
        alteration (such as a shortened version of the

In regards to the data Scott found, it appears from the first
lines of that web page that it is the 1989 version of the ICD-10
codes.  If you go to

and click the link called "current version" it takes you to

which indicates that the current ICD-10 is the 2003 version.

I am not sure (one way or the other) whether Scott's -icd10- user
written program is legal for a researcher to use or whether the
data are up to date enough for your needs, but I thought I should
let you know why an official Stata -icd10- command has not been

Ken Higbee
StataCorp     1-800-STATAPC

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