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Re: st: RSS Feed/Weblog of Stata List

From   Chris Kopp <>
Subject   Re: st: RSS Feed/Weblog of Stata List
Date   Fri, 05 Aug 2005 10:45:53 +0200

Dear list

Although I like the idea of the RSS feed, as a native german speaker, let me assure you that the translation in german is crap. For example, "Ordered Probit" gets (mis)translated as "Bestelltes Probit", which means ordered probit, but in the sense of an "order" you make at the restaurant. Some of the sentences are really *hilarious* (try it if you speak german) , but I don't think that was the point of the translation.
Let's just face that english is the language we have to use to speak to each other in the internet.

"Danke während Ihrer Zeit!" (originally: thank you for your time!)


At 20:36 04.08.2005, you wrote:

Hello Stata List members,

The Stata List can now be viewed in a formatted html 'weblog' using any
web browser and you can subscribe to a syndicated feed of list messages
using your favorite feed reader (see links under the Stata List Feeds
heading in the sidebar).  The posts on both the website and the RSS feed
are updated as you e-mail them and are automatically archived daily
(look under Archives in the sidebar).  For those unfamiliar with RSS
feeds there is a link on the site to an article with background
information on how to setup a reader application to capture the
content.  Last, but not least, the list can now be translated to 8
different languages thanks to Google language translation technology
(Unfortunately, I can't verify the accuracy of these translations but
feel free to comment on their usefulness).  The language translation
will persist across all posts on the site.  To respond to any of the
posts or add a new post, you can click on the link under the heading
'Posts' which will launch your default e-mail application with the list
e-mail address in the To: field.  All posts go through the listserv and
you have to be a member to post.  This provides an alternative way to
view the messages.

The URL for the weblog is:
The RSS link is:

I hope that you find this useful.   Feel free to e-mail with any
comments or questions.

-Chris Simpkins

Christopher Simpkins, M.D.
Research Fellow
The Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
Department of Surgery

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