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Re: st: question on outreg: rows out of order

From   Christian Hunkler <>
Subject   Re: st: question on outreg: rows out of order
Date   Mon, 25 Apr 2005 17:43:19 +0200

Hi Raymond,
I also discovered weird things happening when using outreg. It is no longer
supported/enhanced, and this probably causes the majority of problems. The
new -estimates- command (available in vers. 8) does pretty much the same
job, outreg did. And there is an ado called -estout- that is supposed to be
even better.


At 17:23 25.04.2005, you wrote:
>Hi - I apologize if this has been answered before
>but I am seeing some strange behavior in the way
>outreg orders rows.
>I have read the section of the outreg help file that
>deals with row order and I don't think that
>explains what's happening, although perhaps it
>does in some subtle way I'm missing.
>Anyway, here's what's happening:
>I am running a series of regressions with the same
>LHS variable (call it y) and looping through a few
>different RHS variables (call them x1,...,x9), along
>with a bunch of other RHS variables which stay constant
>from model to model (call them z).
>So each regression is of the form
>regress y xi z
>where i=1 in the first regression, i=2 in the second, etc.
>I'm using outreg with a varlist of xi _only_ to report the
>coefficients, std errs, etc. on just x1, x2,..., x9 from
>the different specifications in a single table.
>Everything works fine except that the
>rows of the table are out of order. that is, the table
>reports specification 1 in row 1, spec 2 in row 2, then
>jumps to spec 9, spec 8,..., spec 3.
>(This is kind of hard to explain in words but it should
>be pretty clear what I mean from taking a look at one
>of the tables:
>Here's a snippet of the code I used to generate the table
> )
>Everything's labeled correctly and so on, but it just looks
>strange and confusing and would be a pain to correct by hand
>(i.e. by rearranging the rows in excel).
>I have read carefully the section of the outreg help file that
>discusses row order but I don't think that explains what is
>going on, because the varlist in my outreg command is
>just a single variable.
>If anyone has some advice on this please share.
>If my explanation of the problem needs clarification please
>tell me and I will try to do a better job.
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