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Re: st: What governs font size in dialogs?

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   Re: st: What governs font size in dialogs?
Date   Thu, 21 Apr 2005 22:22:32 +0100

Thanks to Alan and Vince for their very helpful advice and early warnings re dialogs under Microsoft Windows. I will be prepared on May 17 to the best of my ability.

Best wishes


At 17:05 21/04/2005, you wrote:

Roger Newson ( asked about changing
the size of the font used in Stata dialogs for a presentation;
> The reason for my query is that I plan to give a demo of a Stata dialog at
> the 11th UK Stata User Meeting in May, and I would like the dialog to be
> legible to people with poor eyesight at the back of the hall.

The fonts used in Stata dialogs are a system font specified by Windows.

Vince Wiggins ( replied with a couple of suggestions
for Roger on how to make these fonts more legible in a presentation.
I have one suggestion to add.

Roger can

   - right-click on the desktop
   - select Properties
   - click on the Settings tab
   - click on the Advanced button
   - change the DPI setting for fonts.

By default, 'Normal size (96DPI)' is probably selected.  Roger can
select 'Large size (120 DPI)' or even select a custom setting where
he can choose a magnification factor for the fonts on the system.
Note that this will affect fonts used in menus, window title bars, and
other system objects, not just the font used in dialog boxes.  Also note
that the size of dialog boxes and dialog box controls does NOT scale
with the font size, so it is possible to choose a font size which
will result in text on the dialog box being truncated in controls.

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