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Re: st: tmap-Europe

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   Re: st: tmap-Europe
Date   Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:34:51 +0200

Pau Salsas wrote:
> I have read about the convenient tmap command (by Maurizio Pisati).
> I am interested in geographic displays for political EU-25 (including the
> 10 New Member States). However, I am unable to find the relevant *.mif and
> *.mid files.  Is this something that is publicly available or we need to
> buy it?.  If so, where does one buy this and what is exactly required (i.e.
> do I have to ask only for the *.mif and *.mid data files of Europe?).

We have found a *.mif and *.mid file on  the somewhat suspicous side

and we were also able to produce a map with tmap from that files. However note 
that -mif2dta- gives an error message after producing the boundary-file. That 
is, the master-file is not produced. Somewhat seems to be wrong with the mid 
file from the side above. 

You can produce maps with the boundary-file anyway if you set up the master 
data by hand. We made an arbitrary nonsense master file and got a nice 
European map (as long as you don't mind that Turkey is not fully drawn).

Getting a real master file is somewhat more complicated, as there are above 
2000 polygons (mainly because of the many islands at the norwegian coast) in 
the boundary file and one somehow needs to find out which polygons belongs to 
one country. 


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