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st: -graph combine- with equal size

From   Daniel Mueller <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: -graph combine- with equal size
Date   Mon, 18 Apr 2005 16:25:48 -0400


I was sure somebody asked that before, but my search in the archives was not successful.

I want to merge four quantile-plots into one, where I omit -xscale- in the upper two graphs, and -yscale- in the graphs on the right (see code below). I want to obtain four graphs of the same vertical and horizontal size and try to accomplish that with -ysize()-, -xsize()- -fyscale()-, fxscale()-. However, these options seem to be overridden and all four graphs are of slightly different size. How can I get four graphs of exactly the same size in -graph combine-?

Thanks a lot in advance!

quantile pred1, xscale(off) ///
ysize(4) xsize(4) fysize(110) fxsize(110) ///
name(agquant, replace)
quantile pred2, yscale(off) xscale(off) ///
ysize(4) xsize(4) fysize(110) fxsize(110) ///
name(clofoquant, replace)
quantile pred3, ysize(4) xsize(4) ///
fysize(110) fxsize(110) name(ofoquant, replace)
quantile pred3, yscale(off) ///
ysize(4) xsize(4) fysize(110) fxsize(110) /// name(maxquant, replace)
graph combine agquant clofoquant ofoquant maxquant, ///
xcommon ycommon

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