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RE: st: An allowance for clustering should only increase SE's?

From   "CDSC - Nichols, Tom" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   RE: st: An allowance for clustering should only increase SE's?
Date   Mon, 18 Apr 2005 13:56:26 +0100


Thank-you very much.  
I will take your advice and only allow for clustering if this increases the

I can see that it is possible for units within clusters to be more different
than units sampled randomly from the population as a whole.  But I think the
opposite is more likely to be true (at least for the clusters I have).

I found references to the intra-cluster correlation (or intra-class)
correlation saying that estimates can be negative.
But rather confusingly, they usually also say that the total variance can be
divided into a between cluster component and a within cluster component, and
that the intra-cluster correlation is   var(b)/[var(b)+var(w))]
Some references even give this as the definition of the intra-cluster
Accordingly most calculations are based on an ANOVA table and only lead to
positive values.


Joanne Garrett wrote:

> Negative values
> imply that people within a cluster (or PSU) are more different from each
> other than they would have been had you sampled randomly (i.e., not by
> cluster). Intuitively this makes no sense.
As the great diagnostician Charcot was fond of saying, 'ça ne l'empèche 
pas d'exister'. There is one occasion on which this may indeed be true: 
where the PSU is a group of people who form a team or social unit 
characerised by a division of labour. A family, for example, or a 
community mental health team, will combine people with different 
specialisations and points of view. Two people randomly sampled from 
within such a PSU will be more sharply differentiated than two people 
sampled from the population.

Certainly, I recally that my mother and I were capable of producing a 
kappa of close to minus one in matters of musical taste.


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