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st: Re: (no subject)

Subject   st: Re: (no subject)
Date   Thu, 14 Apr 2005 12:37:07 EDT

I once wrote an ado file for the  STB called -unfold-, which went together 
with -fold-. It is in -sqv4 in one of  the old STB's. It should be easy to find 
looking at the early STBs on Stata's  web site. The -unfold- program was 
designed for this exact situation. The help  file that goes with the program 
advises how to use it appropriately. If you have  difficulties locating it, let me 
know privately and I'll send it to you.  

I also recall that there are now other Stata programs in existence that  can 
do the same thing, but cannot think of their names. 

Joe  Hilbe

I’m sorry. My name is  Simone Piva and I have a big problem with STATA.
The problem is:
I Have  this data:

A                                B                                  A-B
ICU1    100         10             90
ICU2    ….         …              ….

Where A= total patients for ICU number 1
B= patients  that received late tracheostomy
A-B=  total patients- patients that  received late tracheostomy

In this form I can’t analyze my data; I need  data in this form:

B     A-B
ICU1       1     0
ICU1    1    0
ICU1     1    0
ICU1    1     0
ICU1    1    0
ICU1     1    0
ICU1    1     0
ICU1    1    0
ICU1     1    0
ICU1    1     0
ICU1    0    1
ICU1     0    1
….  Repeat for 100
Only in this mode I Can do  my analysis with STATA. But How Can I do this 
I don’t know if  this e-mail is O.K for this kind of question. In any case 
thanks a  lot.

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