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st: Disappearance of variables and review windows.

Subject   st: Disappearance of variables and review windows.
Date   Thu, 14 Apr 2005 08:34:21 -0400

I am experiencing the above problem and do not know how to bring the
windows back.
What should I do?
Many thanks.

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                      04/13/2005 11:07 AM                                                                                                      
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The package -stylerules- on SSC has been
updated. I started by making a few changes
in the light of Stata 9, but mostly thought
of some other things to mention while
I was doing that.

This package just consists of a single help file
with suggestions on Stata programming style.

Leo Rosten once wrote a book on Yiddish and explained
that his motive was wanting to read it. In the
same way, I started compiling a list of style
rules because I wanted to write programs in
a consistent style, as far as possible. If
you write down your own rules, you can also decide
when you can ignore them, or go back and change
them if you change your mind.

The word "rules" is meant to carry ironic overtones.
As with all supposed principles of style, the rules given
are not really rules at all, but just guidelines.

Also, they are just my rules, in the sense that no
one else is responsible for them. At the same time,
almost all of what I think I have learned about
Stata is really attributable to Bill Gould and other
StataCorp developers.

Any way, I'd welcome attempts from others to
suggest other rules of Stata programming style.


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