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Re: st: -stylerules- updated on SSC

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: -stylerules- updated on SSC
Date   Wed, 13 Apr 2005 19:47:59 -0500

At 04:07 PM 4/13/2005 +0100, Nick Cox wrote:
The package -stylerules- on SSC has been
updated. I started by making a few changes
in the light of Stata 9, but mostly thought
of some other things to mention while
I was doing that.
"Well-written programs don't need many comments. (Comment: We could certainly argue about that!)"

Yes, I might be one of those who quibbles a bit! One thing I find confusing is when there are lots of programs in an ado file. Going through them in isolation can be pretty confusing. Comments like "This routine does...This routine is called by..." can help a lot. In any event, comments don't slow the program down. I might say "Well-written programs don't need many comments (but go ahead and write them anyway)."

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