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st: importing Russian (Cyrillic) text into Stata

From   Economicus <>
Subject   st: importing Russian (Cyrillic) text into Stata
Date   Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:31:00 -0400

I am having problems importing Cyrillic text into Stata (see sample
data in unicode below). How would you recommend I go about importing
data that is in a different language into Stata?

firm	ranking	score
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	40.08
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	36.54
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	46.39
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	42.68
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	44.95
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	45.15
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	45.98
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	45.77
αο αχτοχαϊ	V	43.51


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