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st: RE: Reshape or other approach for multiple-response data

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Reshape or other approach for multiple-response data
Date   Wed, 13 Apr 2005 20:21:48 +0100

There is a rather long FAQ on this by Ulrich 
Kohler and friend at 

How do I deal with multiple responses?

and also a long discussion based on the 
same material in 

On structure & shape: the case of multiple responses. 
Stata Journal 3(1): 81--99 (2003) 

The first will be accessible to you even 
if the second one isn't. 

I suggest that you read either. 

While you're it, you should check out 
Ben Jann's substantial contributions to this field, 

Tabulation of multiple responses. 
Stata Journal 5(1): 92--122 (2005) 

The software is downloadable without subscription
to the Stata Journal. 

Finally, there are some utilities in -tab_chi- 
on SSC. To some extent, those (and Ben's commands) 
allow descriptive analyses of multiple response data 
without any -reshape-, as the programs do it for you on the fly. 

Note that in an -update-d Stata 

. search multiple response 

would have pointed to all but the last of 
these (-tab_chi-). 

Besides that, you clearly should consider 
subscribing to the Stata Journal (or reading 


Arnold H. Levinson, Ph.D.

> I have a long dataset with variables that allow multiple responses per
> subject. So it looks like:
> ID    var1    var2
> 1        3        5
> 1        2        .
> 2        3        4
> 2        .        5
> etc.
> Reshape doesn't like multiple responses for a single 
> variable. What's the
> most efficient way of reshaping to wide, with each variable becoming a
> response-specific dummy, i.e., var1_1, var1_2, etc.

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