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st: Panel ID and Time Variable

From   "Shyamal Kumar Das" <>
Subject   st: Panel ID and Time Variable
Date   Mon, 11 Apr 2005 05:50:05 -0400 (EDT)

I am new in statalistserv. Let me describe my problem. I
have a cross-national dataset for 93 countries that I
collected from ICPSR's World Value Surveys. Now, in this
dataset, the unit of analysis is INDIVIDUAL (a total of
approximately 42,000 individuals for 93 countries) with
three waves (years): 1981, 1990, and 1997; when I want to
run Random or Fixed effect models, and put "nations" as
Panel ID, I get results, but when I put "nations" as Panel
ID and "Waves" as Time variable, STATA suggests that there
are repeated time values in the panel. I guess this is
because each individual (unit of analysis) has the same
year. For example, 4000 indivials of France in 1981 have
1981 as time variable. Perhaps, therefore, I do not get any
result out of it. I know that by calculating nations'
averages, and entering these as new variables might solve
the problem. I was loooking for some simpler solution to the
problem so that I do not need to reenter data. I have two
questions in this regard: (1) How can I do panel analysis
using this dataset putting "Nations" and "Waves" as my Panel
ID and Time variable respectively? (2) If I do not put Time
variable, but put Panel ID and run regression, and get
results, is it ok for my panel analysis?
I would appreciate if anyone kindly enlighten me in the
above problem. This will save me at this point.

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