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Re: st: Stata 9 announcement

From   Steven Dubnoff <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata 9 announcement
Date   Wed, 06 Apr 2005 15:33:51 -0700

Nick Winter wrote:

(1) Stat/Transfer just released a new update of its own; I imagine they would have received signals (if not outright information) from Statacorp that there was a new format coming down the line and waited a month or so for their own update.
Our released Stat/Transfer version eight (and seven) handles the new very long labels in Stata just fine when reading. However, there is no other package that is capable of handling such very long labels -- so they will be truncated on output.

The chief use long labels is as a substitute for very long strings. If there is some demand, we may implement a feature that maps long strings into integers with long labels on input and, on output, integers with long labels into strings. Those who would appreciate such a feature should contact me privately. If there is a deafening silence, this will remain way down on the list of things to do.



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