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Re: st: Re: Stata 9 announcement

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: Stata 9 announcement
Date   Wed, 6 Apr 2005 17:45:52 +0200

Richard Williams wrote:
> At 09:49 AM 4/6/2005 -0500, Alan Riley wrote:
> >Stata 8 already was set up to deal with this problem because of the
> >difference in maximum value label length between Intercooled Stata 8
> >(80) and Stata/SE 8 (244).  If Stata 8 encounters a label with any
> >mapping greater than its maximum length, it does not load that label:
> Ok, suppose a Stata 9 and Stata 8 user were both working on the same file
> and modifying it.  Could the Stata 8 user zap the long value labels created
> by the Stata 9 person by saving the file?  I know I'd sure be annoyed if I
> spent all this time typing in 32,000 character value labels and somebody
> else accidentally erased them :)

I don't know, but I think so.

Personally I seldom -save- datasets. When I work with a dataset I write 
Do-Files to make the necessary changes in the dataset and then perform my 
analysis in the same Do-File. There is no need to change the original 
dataset, then. 

If I were to -save- a dataset, I very seldom (never?) overwrite the original 
one. Instead I use a new filename. If your Stata 8 user provides the Stata 9 
user with  Do-File of his modifications, the Stata 9 user can run this 
Do-File on the original dataset and end up with a Stata 9 dataset with long 

Sometimes I accidentelly save a changed dataset under the same name as the 
orignial dataset. This happens if I accidently hit "Ctrl S" in Stata, which 
causes Stata to execute the command -save, replace-. I have once asked 
StataCorp to make -save, replace- impossible, but (unfortunately) with no 


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