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st: re: table of long run effects

Subject   st: re: table of long run effects
Date   Tue, 05 Apr 2005 07:30:17 -0500

Another way is to use -postfile- to create a data set of results and then use -listtex-(use -findit- to locate and download) to create a laTeX, HTML or word processor table.  For example:

sysuse auto ,clear
gen time = _n
tsset time

tempfile results
tempname hold

postfile `hold' str12 var coef std_err t_stat p_value using `results'
qui reg price l.price mpg weight 

foreach var of varlist mpg weight {
	qui nlcom _b[`var']/_b[l.price]
	matrix coef = r(b)
	matrix var =r(V)
	local b = coef[1,1]
	local v = var[1,1]
	local std_err = sqrt(`v')
	local t_stat = `b'/`std_err'
	local p_value = ttail(r(df_r),abs(`t_stat') )*2
	post `hold' ("`var'") (`b') (`std_err') (`t_stat') (`p_value')
postclose `hold'
use `results', clear
li ,  noobs

Hope this helps,

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