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RE: st: Export of a -tab3way- table in a tab-delimited format?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Export of a -tab3way- table in a tab-delimited format?
Date   Fri, 1 Apr 2005 11:28:42 +0100

Indeed, there are several others who have had a go 
at some tabling problem. 

The idiosyncratic surveys in 

Problems with tables, Part II
Stata Journal 3(4): 420--439 (2003) 

Problems with tables, Part I
Stata Journal 3(3): 309--324 (2003)

covered some of the terrain. 

Meanwhile, the ingenious, whether Roger or dodger, 
can take a stab at the help for -_tab-. 

Mind you, as an documented undocumented command, 
even as compared with an undocumented undocumented 
command, -_tab- may not survive the caprices of 
Stata's developers. But it looks
like the object of admiration given its touch 
of class. 


Philip Ryan
> Herve
> As Nick has already stated, -tab3way- cannot do what you 
> require.  Roger's 
> solution is ingenious but a tad complex.  I do not propose to develop 
> -tab3way- or -tab2way- any further.  My own attitude to 
> displaying tables 
> is that StataCorp needs to consider it as a whole issue, much 
> as they did 
> with Graphics (but on a somewhat smaller scale!), and that 
> the multiplicity 
> of user add-ons carries a message (actually several messages, 
> some quite 
> good!).  I can also see that, given limited resources, the 
> designers might 
> also decide that development of analytical tools should take 
> precedence 
> over display tools, and on balance my sympathy lies with 
> that.  Naturally,  I want both and preferably yesterday.

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