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st: Newbie with too many variables

From   Robin Newberry <>
Subject   st: Newbie with too many variables
Date   Mon, 28 Feb 2005 15:47:32 -0500


So our worker's comp data are in some clunky old program (which shall remain nameless here). To get it into a program where I can actually do something with the data is a royal pain; it will only export the entire dataset (12 years of data) and only in a comma delimited format at that. And all the fields are enclosed in quotes - even the numeric.

Last time I did this (once a year I go to download only the previous years WC data, only to remember that I can't) I think it took better than a month to manually clean up the data to import using a text editor. I'd really like to avoid that this time; in fact, I think last time I imported it into SAS, cleaned it up there, then sent it to Stata. A real roundabout way to get at my data.

Anyhow, I've set my Stata memory at 1gig and used the command "insheet using "/Users/wnewber/Desktop/EXPORT.TXT", comma" to import it. I get a too many variables message. I forget exactly how many variables this dataset has - I think 200+ (most are empty place holders for fields we don't use).

Any way to get this puppy in to Stata without sacrificing some small, hapless animal to the heathen gods?
W. Robert Newberry, IV CIH, CHMM
Chief Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Clemson University
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