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st: RE: Disappearing Review Window

From   "Dupont, William" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Disappearing Review Window
Date   Sat, 26 Feb 2005 13:33:31 -0600


This problem is particularly likely to occur if you are using Windows
with two monitors.  When you close Stata it saves your Stata Windows
(e.g. Review etc.) at their current locations within your global Stata
window (i.e. your Intercooled Stata 8.2 window).  You can then shrink
the global window so that your Review window can not be seen.  If you
close and then reopen Stata, Stata considers your review window to be
open but it is not visible because it is outside of the global window.
Reopening your Review window with the Window pull-down menu has no
effect because as far as Stata is concerned the Review window is already

The problem can also occur if you only have one monitor.  Reduce size of
your global window so that you can drag it around.  Move it to the left
so that only the right margin of the global window is visible.  Now drag
the right margin of this window to the right and place your Review
window on the right side of the global window.  Move the right margin of
the global window back to the left so that the Review window is
invisible. Now, drag the global window to the right so that it is
entirely visible and expand it to occupy your entire monitor.  At this
point your Review window is "open" but invisible and inaccessible.
Closing and reopening Stata will have no effect nor will clicking on the
Window pull-down menu.  A good guess is that this is what you may have
inadvertently done.

A solution is to reverse the process described above to look for your
lost windows to the left or right of the visible global window.

This confusion would be easily avoided if Stata would place a scroll bar
on the bottom and/or side of the global window any time there were Stata
windows outside of the visible viewing area.  Doing this would be
consistent with Stata's current policy of putting scroll bars on the
side of windows that contain more information than is currently visible.


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Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 10:27 AM
Subject: st: Disappearing Review Window


I'm using Stata 8 via Windows, and my Review window (displaying all 
historical commands) has disappeared. Selecting Window - Review will not

bring it back. It might be that Stata thinks it's still there, but 
displaying it somewhere off the screen, even though I've made Stata take
the entire size of the screen. Does anyone know of a simple way to bring
back, aside from re-installing Stata (e.g. by restoring factory


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