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st: RE: error using xtserial

From   "joserra coco" <>
Subject   st: RE: error using xtserial
Date   Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:17:22 -0800

Thanks for your message Nick. I did not use any "if" condition, and the variables I use don't have any missing values. There are two issues with my dataset, however: one is that it is an unbalanced panel. And also, the observations that I use are 4-year-periods averages, so the variable that defines the years in the tsset statement is not made of consecutive values.

Thanks again,

This could also arise if an -if- condition
excludes all the data, and/or there are
problems with missing values.

I doubt that's a complete list.


joserra coco

I was wondering if somebody out there could help me. I am trying to test for
autocorrelation in panel data using xtserial, and when I run the command I
get an error that says "no observations". I read that this error arises when
some of the variables that I use are string type instead of numerical. But
all the variables that I use in the test -not in the file- are numerical
(float type). Could the error come from any other problem?.
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