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Re: st: reading remote files

From   Pete Huckelba <>
Subject   Re: st: reading remote files
Date   Tue, 22 Feb 2005 11:30:39 -0600

Hi  - From Stata, I would like to input data from files (text files) that
are stored in some folder on a remote server. Furthermore, a password is
required to get acces to the server. Does anyone know how to access such
files and submit the password?

Al Feiveson
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While the functionality that you are looking for is not inherent to Stata, here are two server-side options:

-the remote server is running a proxy server or has a trust mechanism with a proxy, you can modify Stata's proxy settings to point to the unrestricted location

-most web servers allow for ACL's, IE: Apache's .htaccess files. The web master can plug in your IP address to remove the access restriction


Pete Huckelba

StataCorp LP
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College Station, TX 77845
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