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st: testing 2 proportions using svytab

From   Daniel Egan <>
Subject   st: testing 2 proportions using svytab
Date   Thu, 17 Feb 2005 16:12:49 -0500

Hello all, 

This is both a little statistics, a little programming....

I am using svytab to look at different proportions of a 4 value
category by an indicator variable:

svytab dummy cat4,  row se
    1   2   3   4
0   a   b   c   d
1   e   f   g   h

test a==e, etc...

I would like to test whether or not the row proportions for each
category of cat4 are significant from the opposite by indicator. I
assume I can do this using the standard error, but am unsure of how to
code this. The e(b) matrix returned is the cell proportions, not the
row proportions, so I cannot use a -matrix get- without extra steps.

Also, I wanted to make sure there were not survey design caveats that
would come into play that would _not_ be reflected in the calculated
proportion standard error.

Any suggestions, warnings, or simple explanations welcome.

Thanks in advance, 

Daniel Egan
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